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Invoice App

The Invoice App is a flexible tool that enables you to generate e-invoices from any IT (accounting) system. With our solution, you can also easily download and import invoices from your contractors into your ERP system.

The solution is specifically designed for companies using systems that upgrade for KSeF is time-consuming and expensive (SAP, Yardi, JD Edwards, Oracle, etc.)


Advantages of the software

Saved time

Save time uploading and downloading e-invoices from KSeF

Convenience and speed

Effortlessly comply with the obligation to send invoices to MF in real-time


Download invoices from your contractors and import them to your system with ease


Easily check invoices before sending via KSeF gate



Automatic invoice verification before sending

Bulk or single invoice submission to the MF system

Possibility to download and import invoices from contractors

No interference with the customer's internal systems

No IT changes in ERP required


How does Invoice App work?

The program works based on a source file generated from the accounting system (Excel, CSV, TXT, XML, and others). Our tool adjusts to the format of data generated from the customer’s system. The result of the process is verification of data correctness and automatic transfer of the XML file to the Ministry of Finance platform.

It is possible to integrate your ERP with Invoice App via API. This communication path will automatically send invoices to your contractors as soon as they are available in your accounting system. The integration also enables automatic posting/downloading of purchase invoices.


What is an e-Invoice?

E-Invoice means a structured invoice

It is issued by taxpayers via KSeF, marked with an allocated number identifying the invoice in this system. E-invoices will be made available and received via interface software under the so-called “Real-Time Reporting” regime. Structured invoices will have the advantage of being issued according to a single template based on a logical structure provided by the MF. Taxpayers will be able to issue structured invoices in an accounting system and send them to KSeF via the API.

Why take an interest in e-Invoices now?

Every global or foreign accounting system is correlated with many other processes in a given country or other countries. Local changes can influence other system elements or depend on different locations, so an update of such a system can be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes complex. This is why, if you are not sure whether your system will be ready for e-invoicing, it is best to start the process of installing our solution now, so that you are ready in time.


What do experts say about the Invoice App?

Taxpayers should show interest in the issues related to e-invoices already today, as the scope of required elements of a structured invoice in the published template is much wider than currently required by tax regulations. If a taxpayer is planning to start e-invoicing in 2022 and get ready for the obligatory implementation of KSeF from 2023, preparations should be started without any delays, which requires both a substantive analysis and focus on the technical requirements. By combining tax and IT expertise, we support companies in implementing solutions to support the KSeF use.

Anna Szafraniec

CEE VAT Compliance Director

When creating Invoice App, our main objective was to make it intuitive and user-friendly, and to ensure the highest level of security of sent and received data. Invoice App is a tool that offers many possibilities of integration with accounting systems, e.g. through Excel files or the so-called API.

Piotr Gzik

IT Director

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